Wedding Hair For Bridesmaids

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Wedding Hair For Bridesmaids

You have chosen the dress, color scheme, venue and food, but what to do with your hair is still the conundrum.

Flicking through the hairstyle magazines or having an online look is a good place to start if you want to choose wedding hair for bridesmaids.

The style you choose depends on a variety of factors, such as; dress style, hair type, budget or willingness to make the style yourself on the day.

The weather is another matter to consider. The weather, right? Yeah, the weather anyway!

Every woman knows that a touch of humidity in the air can in a matter of minutes cause luscious curly locks to turn into a frizzy mess and no one wants to smell like a hairspray can on a blisteringly hot day.

wedding hair

So choose your style wisely. There are plenty of hairdressers providing wedding hair consultations so if you have wanted to hire a specialist, book an appointment well in advance and go along to address your needs.

If you have lovingly embroidered your wedding gown or have a sexy low back, then show it off with a beautiful up-do. Use your hair as part of the overall outfit and get the most out of every single aspect.

Hair ‘up-do’ for stunning locks

A tight bun or plait is also a smart idea for those wanting anything to withstand even the worst gale.

If the weather or hair is unpredictable then choosing to tightly tie your hair back can save a lot of worry and time fixing things on the day.

Tussled braids at weddings al fresco

Holding subtle curves or poker straight long hair loose and gathered around the shoulders that look stunning at any wedding, but in warmer climates it is especially well suited for outside ceremonies.

To accentuate femininity, add flowers or accessories as bridesmaid hairstyles for 2020.

Keep brief. Keep it easy

He does not have to be boring to have short hair on your wedding day. Think of 1920s flapper chic with awe-inspiring finger waves or a sleek bob adorned with pearls for an impacting elegant look.

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