Best Brides Pose For Wedding Photos

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Best Brides Pose For Wedding Photos

For their wedding photos many brides change it up a bit. It is always a brilliant idea, and can yield results that are beautiful and enjoyable to enjoy.

Having unusual poses can however add to your wedding album more fun and romance. In addition to your ‘normal’ ceremony and reception wedding shots you can consider brainstorming on a few possible staged poses for your photographer.

Here are a couple of the best brides pose for wedding photos.

  1. brides poseBride and groom in the background while concentrating on the bouquet of the bride.
  2. A camera shot of the bride staring at her dad slightly out of focus with the entire wedding party in the background.
  3. The bride is all over again being swept away by her boyfriend, either carried up by him or even a simpler image of her leaning against a wall as he gazes passionately into her eyes.

There are several poses perfect for a romantic setting whereas other poses are more fun loving and flirtatious. Analogous to:

  1. The bride runs away from the groom, her dress flowing in the wind as he chases her.
  2. The groom standing behind the bride holding her in the breeze next to their tow as her veil blows in.
  3. The bridal groomsmen holding her gown flowing down.

You can also be imaginative on poses for wedding photography, depending on the theme and the time of the year your wedding is.

One suggestion is to give the photographer an idea of what kind of photos the would like to take, and let him or her come up with poses that represent exactly what you want.

Most photographers enjoy the fun pictures with the bride, groom and wedding party on the spot.

Another option would be to browse at and take suggestions from some of the bridal magazines. Although the context might be different, the picture should be similar in style and essence.

You can even take a look at other photographers’ websites and get ideas on what you want as your fun loving or romantic ‘naturally posed’ wedding pictures.

The only thing restricting your imagination is to you. If you are not a very artistic person, your future husband can always be enlisted to support you with those poses.

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