Can I Get Married And Have A Wedding Later?

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Can I Get Married And Have A Wedding Later?

Remember a wedding is just a party. A couple party to share with people who both love you and care about you.

Only those individuals you have close ties with will be on the list. Wedding comes on a huge expense.

According to the caliber. Today, having something personal and something small is great and one can get married and have a wedding later.

Most people think of the day, rather than marriage itself. Lately, holding a wedding in the courthouse is a trend for men, and having a celebratory dinner with close family and friends afterwards.

Then, they use the money they will need to pay for a wedding a lavish honeymoon. It saves a great many unnecessary outlays. Additionally, you can get married and postpone the wedding.

Because of any circumstance that might prevent it from happening a little later any couples have to do it early. The first ceremony will be an official / lawful event.

You may later have a bigger, more festive edition, because it can take several months for cost, location, catering, flowers, cake, wedding dress, band etc. to fulfill the timetable and most or all of the pre-planning needs to be considered.

Maybe the cost is more than the budget would allow at first; take the time to collect the figures for what you could afford.

You will pay for years to come on that as well. My husband and I had married in the courthouse. We were on the move out of state process, our situation was different.

We decided to get married that spring but we had to delay it for the next year. It had been good. Our thing was, we don’t want to put our marriage on credit so we didn’t.

get married

We had all that we wanted and all the people were cheering for us. Just about 200 men. We also did not want any presents, because we no longer lived in the town. The people who came to us were pretty gift.

I know many people who have fled in the courthouse or had a very small ceremony, and then shortly after, or even a year later, they have a bigger ceremony.

It strikes me strange; until you are married! If you cannot afford a big ceremony, it seems more appropriate to call it an engagement party, or even a vow renewal, if you can afford a bigger ceremony later and want to do that.

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